CRA Taxpayer Penalty, Interest & Arrears Relief

The Canada Revenue Agency has a wide array of penalties they charge taxpayers for a wide variety of ‘tax offenses’. And if that isn’t enough, the interest rate they charge on unpaid balances far exceeds the interest charged by every financial institution in Canada. Which makes repayment of your tax arrears even more difficult.
What can you do?
The Canada Revenue Agency has a Taxpayer Relief Program. The purpose of the program is to waive or cancel penalties or interest in certain situations. And when the circumstances are just right the CRA may even defer payment or grant relief from payment of tax as well. Unfortunately this program is poorly administered and well behind schedule. It can take six months or more just to receive your initial response. Worse, a year or years can pass before your request is finalized. And if your paperwork is not just right with all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted then this will slow down your request considerably. It might even result in your Relief request being denied.
National Tax Service can help!
We will analyze your tax returns and can submit revised tax returns to ensure that your credits are maximized and any tax and tax penalties are minimized to the maximum extent possible
Next, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your personal financial affairs to determine if you are a reasonable candidate to receive Taxpayer Relief. In our judgement. Which is no guarantee that you will receive relief as the program is applied inconsistently. But if we feel you are a candidate we will organize and prepare your affairs so that matters can be expedited and your request answered in the most timely of manners. In this time consuming and complicated process we will conduct all negotiations in order to maximize the relief that you deserve.
If you’re having trouble arranging repayment of your tax arrears contact National Tax Service today.