Help… I have a tax debt!

A tax debt may arise through a variety of reasons, bad planning, bad circumstances or just plain old bad luck.
Do you have a tax debt that you are unable to immediately come to terms with?
And is the CRA knocking on your door? Requesting impossible repayment terms? Threatening to garnish your wages? Freeze your bank account? Lien your home or business?
National Tax Service can help!
Certainly the Canada Revenue Agency has the right to collect correctly calculated tax arrears. But you have rights too! Rights that you, like many Canadians, simply are not aware of.
National Tax Service knows what your rights are and we can protect you. In certain circumstances we may be able to reduce penalties, interest and the amount of tax owing. The bottom line is that we will determine the lowest amount of tax payable by you and then negotiate favorable repayment terms that will help you reduce and eliminate your tax debt without destroying your life.
Do not let the CRA intimidate you into overpaying simply because you are not aware of your rights.
Let National Tax Service help you today.