Our tax audit intervention services even include a few proactive tips

Here at National Tax Service, we understand all too well how stressful an audit can be. First and foremost , remember there’s no need to go it alone when the CRA wants to look at your books. You can start the process off on the right foot by taking advantage of our free consultation to get the necessary footing and feel better about going forward into an audit

Our tax audit intervention services will stand by you when you need to show your records and documentation and we are also experts when you need to come to terms with your arrears. Once we get you through the situation you’re currently experiencing, we’ll even offer up suggestions on how to be proactive and avoid another tax issue from cropping up.

For example, while it’s absolutely critical that you back up everything you claim with the proper documentation, we also suggest that you avoid claiming big losses consistently. If the business you’re in isn’t doing well consistently over a number of years, it might be time to change the entire focus. At National Tax Service, we pride ourselves on tax audit intervention services designed to put you back on track as quickly as possible.

If you are in a direct conflict with Canada’s Revenue Agency
National Tax Service can intervene on your behalf to protect your rights.