Regulatory Audit Assistance

Regulatory audits and investigations are performed to verify that a business is complying with any number of federal or provincial rules and regulations concerning employment laws.

If you are undergoing a CRA audit, or soon will be, National Tax Service has twenty five years experience representing and protecting both individuals and businesses .

Here’s a Few Tips On How To Avoid An Audit

While we supply expert regulatory audit assistance, our goal is to make sure you don’t need to go through the bother of presenting all your documentation to the CRA. That’s why we’ve supplied these red flags you’ll want to avoid so you don’t wind up on the wrong side of a government audit.

Math errors

Here’s a great reason why you don’t want to do your own taxes. This might sound obvious, but the government often flags return with math errors for audits. If all the columns don’t add up, or there are other errors like the total volume of capital gains or losses aren’t properly calculated, you could be raising some eyebrows at the CRA.

Home Office Deductions

Being prudent here is the best course of action since the government will be immediately concerned with excessive or unwarranted deductions. You need to be sure these are in proportion to your income and relevant to your business. For example, a brand new bedroom set might raise a few eyebrows.
Unfortunately, the more money you make, the more the chances are of getting audited.