Bookkeeper Toronto

Good questions to task an accountant or bookkeeper

There are lots of accounting tools out there online with lofty claims about being able to replace an accountant or bookkeeper in Toronto , but you need to be very careful whether you’re looking to have personal taxes done or you’re in business.

There’s nothing that can replace the hands-on experience of an accountant. However, once you start looking for one you’ll find there are many different choices and having a few questions to ask will give you a benchmark to work from. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the more important questions that need to be answered so you can find the expert you’ll be comfortable with.

How often should you talk with your Toronto bookkeeper?

If you’re in business, you already know the landscape is continually shifting and changing when it comes to tax regulations and other important considerations. You’ll rely on an accountant to be the captain of your ship and let you know how to steer around any potential business-damaging rocks. So, it makes sense to get a feel for how often you’ll need to be in touch with each other and when and if a Toronto bookkeeper will contact you when big changes are looming.
Keep in mind that a good accountant understands several different aspects like retirement and financial planning and can bring it all together under one banner to better serve you.

What will you do to help me grow my business?

A good accountant/bookkeeper Toronto expert is a lot like a sports coach. Good accountants will be able to help you hone in on those opportunities that will help your business grow. They will also be able to help you build a solid groundwork with an excellent plan that you can update on a monthly basis under their careful guidance.

How can you help me get ready for tax season?

This is the question that underlines why a lot of small businesses and individuals hire an accountant in the first place. It’s a good idea to find the person that can help you keep all of the documents you’ll need in order throughout the year so you can avoid a last-minute rush.

How do you bill for bookkeeper services?

It’s best if you don’t forget to ask some of the fundamental questions like how the bookkeeper Toronto you’ll be working with bills. Some will bill a flat rate and others will charge by the hour and it’s a good idea to get an estimate of their likely fees before you further a relationship.