Tax Audit Assistance

National Tax Service provides you with a wide range of tax, and tax audit assistance options including:

Audit Proof Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our audit proof bookkeeping and accounting can protect you from assumptions and denial of unsupported deductions and/or tax credits.

Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have fallen behind in your filing requirements, let us help you become current.

Tax Amnesty & the Voluntary Disclosure Program

If you feel anxious about unreported income then consider the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP). The VDP may allow you to avoid prosecution and significantly reduce your penalty and interest charges in the process. Let one of our tax lawyers prepare the best strategy for you.

Tax Audits

A letter from the CRA selecting you for an audit must be taken seriously. Avoiding or delaying the audit process will lead to higher penalties and interest.
Contact us immediately.
Let us provide you with tax audit defense.
We consider every tax situation regardless of its complexity.

Repayment Plans

National Tax Service is skilled at negotiating solutions that help you come to terms with your arrears while still allowing you to sleep soundly at night.

Bank & Wage Garnishments

The Canada Revenue Agency will use aggressive measures such as bank and wage garnishments to enforce payment. National Tax Service has experience negotiating a resolution to these harsh measures.

Taxpayer Relief

Penalties and interest can easily exceed the amount of your original tax debt, making your tax burden unbearable. There are proven methods of reducing or eliminating interest, penalty and, sometimes, even your tax liability.
Let National Tax Service help you with tax audit assistance.