Overcome Your Fear Caused by the CRA

Are you afraid of the Canada Revenue Agency?
If you are afraid of opening envelopes bearing the CRA logo or if you fear answering the phone because it may be the tax man calling then you have a tax problem. Avoidance however will not make your tax problem disappear – it will only make it worse. Tax problems must be dealt with immediately and appropriately. Before your worst nightmare becomes your reality.
Which is why it is so vital that you obtain professional representation when it comes to tax matters.
On your behalf National Tax Service will deal with the CRA at every stage of your situation. We will defend your rights, we will alleviate your fears and we will reduce your stress. Our staff of experienced accountants, former CRA tax auditors and tax lawyers can rescue you from your tax nightmares.
We will help you to choose the appropriate course of action for your situation. On your behalf National Tax Service will negotiate the most favorable result for your tax audit, assessment, reassessment, interest and penalties or repayment plan. Our mission is to help you to pay the lowest amount of tax allowed by law.
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