Documenting your personal contact with the Canada Revenue Agency

Many Canadians are unaware that the CRA is not bound by any verbal advice that they provide – unless they have proof of what the CRA said.
And the easiest way to keep the CRA honest is by keeping written notes. Every time you speak with a CRA employee record their name or identification number, the date, and time of the conversation. And while you’re speaking write down what they asked, what you asked and all responses.
If you feel that your writing skills can’t keep up with the pace of the conversation then electronically record any interactions. And yes, despite what the CRA or their employees say it is legally permissible to electronically record your personal interactions. If it was illegal the police wouldn’t be doing it.
This can go a long way in resolving any misunderstandings that might arise.

And if you’re uncomfortable personally dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency then contact National Tax Service and let us lower your discomfort level.