Our client’s satisfaction is our greatest motivation. For over 25 years we have been providing complete accounting and tax audit services to assist our clients with their financial reporting and compliance requirements while at the same time ensuring they avoid all the tax audit pitfalls.
This is what they have to say about us….
“Absolutely Amazing. I would strongly recommend National Tax Service to anyone needing help with tax audits or other issues relating to the Canada Revenue Agency. The best advice I could offer any business owner is to retain the services of National Tax Service in perpetuity. The CRA may not have not knocked on your door yet, but when they do you will be fully armed and prepared to pass any audit as the knowledge of their staff is invaluable and crucial to your success”.

-Michael Merchant

“In today’s business world, you need every advantage you can get to stay one step ahead of the competition and the CRA. The staff at National Tax Service was just what I needed when the CRA sent me that dreaded tax audit letter. Not only did they prepare my records for the tax audit they dealt with the auditors directly at every stage of the audit while I continued to run by bussiness stress and worry free. I highly recommend their services to any new or experienced business owner, they are your best insurance.”

-Ana Marie Pagnotta

“The staff at National Tax Service were correct when they advised me that my business given the industry it was in might be audited. I had no idea that the CRA targets certain industries every year for audit. The advice I received was invaluable when i did get audited. Together, with my accountant, we have made changes to my business practices that will not only help me with the CRA, but will help me manage my business better in every respect.”

-J. Steele

“I am not an accountant. I am not a lawyer. I am a small business owner with 15 employees. Not long ago, blissfully unaware that the CRA was lurking just around the corner. On November 23, 2010 I was sitting at my desk sorting out the mail, when I came across correspondence form the Canada Revenue Agency: “YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR A TAX AUDIT!” Well, it wasn’t quite that blunt, but nevertheless, I had been chosen.
I had a staff accountant and corporate lawyer who, I believed, were looking out for my best interest. When all was said and done, I found that my home was levied and my assets were frozen as a result to the tax audit.
When I needed them the most, I found my accountant and lawyer to be of little help to me. I went to work myself trying to defend my company’s name, reputation and, above all else my assets. I had zero success until through countless hours of research on tax audits, mostly conducted during many sleepless nights I came across the National Tax Service web site. Upon reviewing their website, especially the tax audit section and then contacting them did I realize I could have saved myself the embarrassment and headaches associated with this daunting process.
Within a very short period of time I had the liens removed on my house, bank accounts, and other assets. The staff at National Tax Service also managed to have my tax liabilites reduced for all the three years of the audit period.
I wish you success in your search for the truth, and I am confident with the help of National Tax Service you will prevail in any tax audits and your personal battle against the CRA.”

-C. M. , Toronto

“While searching the internet I came accross the National Tax Service website. This webpage was packed with useful information that helped me gain confidence for my upcoming tax audit. My accountant, was clueless on most of the topics so I fired him and retained National Tax Service to assist me with the tax audit. All my questions and concerns were answered and dealt with and my finanancial records have never been so organized. The value of retaining National Tax Service to provide tax audit assistance far outweighs the price. Highly recommended. Thanks”

-T. C. Hauser

“Thank-you National Tax Service!!! Thanks for turning a $243,000 tax debta s a result of an unfair tax audit into a $12,000 tax refund. Thanks for turning me from a fearful and ignorant taxpayer to a confidant and knowledgeable one. Never again will I be intimidated by any tax audits or the CRA!”

-J. Marques