The CRA, Self-Representation and You

Completing your own tax return is becoming increasingly difficult. Every year there seems to be something new, a new line, a new deduction, a new credit. Yet somehow you still manage to complete your tax return.
But what do you do when the Canada Revenue Agency does not agree with your tax return as filed?
Believe it or not there are still many average Canadians who feel confident in dealing with our increasingly complex tax laws. So they just call them up without a second thought. While there are others who, while not so confident, trust the CRA. Feeling that they haven’t done anything wrong and if they have, well, it was just an accident.
But the CRA isn’t there to complete your tax return. They are not there to represent you. The purpose of the CRA is to generate revenue through the assessment and collection of taxes. And if you don’t believe this then click the following link and consider the case of Irvin Leroux – a man who did nothing wrong and trusted the CRA to do what was right.
A Cautionary Tale about Blindly Trusting the Canada Revenue Agency
After viewing his story, if you still feel confident when it comes to dealing with the CRA then feel free to browse through our web site for some tax tips to help bolster your case.
But if you’re having second thoughts Let Us Represent You