Unfiled Taxes/Late Tax Returns?

Do you have late or unfiled tax returns?
There are a variety of reasons individuals and businesses are late or have unfiled tax returns – whatever your reason, let National Tax Service help you.
However, whether the CRA has contacted you or you have decided to catch up on your own, you must not rush. Or else you could end up with a tax bill far in excess of what you expected when penalties and interest are calculated. Educate yourself first. Learn what your best strategies are. And understand the consequences of each step you make before you take it.
Unlike most accountants and tax-preparers whose service stops after your tax return is filed, National Tax Service handles all your tax related worries including:

  • Pre-filing – we can negotiate with the CRA for removal and/or reduction of penalties and interest.
  • Post filing – we are experienced in dealing with CRA audits.
  • We can file your appeal of an unjust assessment or reassessment.
  • We can negotiate an affordable payment plan if needed.
  • We may be able to negotiate tax relief which can reduce your outstanding tax, penalty and interest charges.

Free Tax Consultation
National Tax Service offers an initial consultation completely free and with no obligation. A tax consultant will take the time to help you understand your tax problem and review all your options and outcomes. Then we provide you with a plan of action that will address your situation effectively.
Contact National Tax Service today.